Get rich Quick with a blogging platform

If you visiting this blog then you prob wondering a way to get rich quick using a blogging platform . I have recently wrote a article on my personal website on this topic The Truth Behind Get-Rich Quick Schemes to see this article click here.1239708_10201333564794569_1571969836_n

In this article I will discuss things to avoid and things to look for when you are on your journey on how to to get rich quick. These days there is a lot of hype out there about getting rich quick but there is one thing you need to have in order for this to work to your benefit.

You to start with a blogging like this one or some of the other blogging networks like level one network.   The reason for this is so you can build traffic and attract your customers to you offers. blogging will start giving you free traffic from search engines. When done the proper way you can see a nice spike in your income.

I don’t want to get to much in detail on this blog but check out the link I provided above the page on the article I have recently wrote. This will help you understand what to do before you fall for a get rich scheme.
If  you are here to learn how to get more traffic to you blogs then check out this free video below. Click on the button and we will let you in on the secret.

yes let me in


Level One network Review Getting Page Ranking

I wrote a few blog post this weekend on how to get page ranking in this level one network review. Let’s face it ranking on the first page is not that easy if you don’t have the right tools. Yes, of course you can use something like this site Empower Network Company . In fact this blogging site is great because of its authority but sometimes you will need more then just one authority site to rank on the first page of google. Below is a video you can watch, I also have a link you can watch on this video. After you watch this video on page ranking, check out the level one network review I did by following the link on the video page.

You can be like me and use multiple blogging systems. At the end of the day I Like getting back links from high ranking sites. So having multiple blogging platforms that rank well is always a great way to get good page ranking. Some of you may be new to the level one network but it is a new blogging platform made by someone who has been making money online for over 10 years. He built it from the ground up and with SEO in mind. If you’re one of those people that think SEO is not important then you’re wrong because its very important when it comes to the search engines. If you want to get tons of free traffic then its important you have good SEO. The training in the back end is like no other I have ever seen for blogging. You really think you know it all and then you watch the Training by Dan and you can’t help but be in shock with the amount of information he provides. Dan is the real deal! I you want to read my full blog then make sure you watch the video and click that link to view my full article on this page ranking

You can watch this video here


Affiliate Marketing Why Blogging Is important

I wrote a blog on my personal site that I wanted to share with you. I talk about affiliate marketing and on many forms of ways to earn commission from affiliate marketing. I describe how to redirect visitors to your blogs where you showcase your affiliate marketing products. Its true there is a lot of ways to make money online, and using a blog is the number one thing everyone should be doing to get traffic.

Look at this blog for example, if you happen to find this article then this is a perfect blogging platform to make money and also showcase your products. The reason publishers prefer blogging to market there campaigns is because the cost of running a blog is very low and the traffic when done right can be outstanding.

There are some factors when considering blogging,
These factors include: the ability to produce excellent sales copies, having audiences with the “buying frame of mind”, the ability to search for good quality commodities, the ability to come up with products of relevance, high traffic, and the much treasured trust between advertisers and their clients.

I explain a lot of this in detail on my personal website. Get the details an affiliate marketing by clicking here and see my full article.



Level one network Dan Miller Killer Master Training

Ok so i was on my personal blog writing up a story on the Level One Network Dan Miller Master course training . You can see this blog on The Level one network dan miller by visiting the link below http://workwithenzo.com/blog/2013/04/10/level-one-network-dan-miller-the-master-training/

In this article I talk about a lot of things but most importantly how Genius the Level one network dan miller master training really is.  I wont make this article long because I wrote a few different versions available in a few blog platforms . If you would like to find this article right on the level one network blogging platform the you can follow this link below http://www.levelonenetwork.com/enrollhere/level-one-network-dan-miller/

You may of wondered why i’m using multiple sites to promote the Level one network Dan   Miller master course training . The truth is , I need to  do what every it takes to let you know about this incredible opportunity on level one network.  The good thing is most of my blogs  I write on my own so if they are half ass I will apologize now because my purpose for this article is to invite you to check it out on my blogs.


I can go on and on about how great his training is but the bottom line is if you are skeptical like I was then you should really consider taking a second look at this. Before I listened to this training I was writing blogs and ranking for them just for a few days because I wasn’t doing anything right . Now I found after using this system there are Search terms that I rank number 1 for on google. That’s very powerful training. If you are going to start blogging for money then you have to start by blogging right. Maybe you are like me and think you know it all, maybe you are skeptical because you been down his road before, either way the level one network Dan Miller Master training is the best blog training that I have ever seen. I want you to click on this link and check out the Level one network dan miller training, once you do please contact me . I know you will thank me .  You can see this master training here


Dont forget to visit my blog for more info on this review

Empower Network Company review
Level one Network Review

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Level One Network Review How to your first order

I wrote a review on the Level one network company if you would like to see my Level one network review please check out this link below  http://workwithenzo.com/blog/2013/03/30/level-one-network-review-my-first-order-in-less-then-2-weeks/

Level One Network Review My video review

Lets Start with the video below as I review level one network . Its a the new blogging system that has been hitting the internet all over the world. This blogging system is only a few weeks old and already making headlines every where on its new cool features.

Level One Network

Level One Network Review Vs Empower Network what to do

The Question came up a few times on what blogging network to choose from Level one network or Empower network. I write a full review on my personal blog WorkWithEnzo.com .

To summarize this in the best way, let me just start off by saying I use both blogging networks because they can both bring value to my business. Each one of these blogs have there good . Obviously the Empower network Company has more of  higher rating but it also has been on the market for longer . The bottom line is what ever you decided to get your self into these blogging networks are both really really awesome!

Why do i use both?

Level one network review -Well for one, why not! they both can give me good back links to my personal blog. If you like most of us in this business you have multiple blogs because they are a good source for traffic. The level one network has a cool feature too. Lets say I post my blog , With in seconds it shows up on there main page. Think about this, Level one network main page has high search traffic. Why not use this to your advantage and get some traffic from it.

Dont forget to visit my blog for more info on this review

Empower Network Company review
Level one Network Review

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